Monthly Archives: June 2012

Quick setup to use groovy with maven and OpenEJB

Using groovy often makes dev time easier and faster. Since groovy is compilable to java bytecode we should be able to use it even in JEE. Here a short tutorial on the way to do it.

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Running Arquillian test using different TomEE/OpenEJB adapters in the same build/artifact

Arquillian is a really great testing tool but it only supports to find one adapter (link to the container) in the classpath.

The bad side of this kind of limitation appears when you write a simple application. Let say a single war. Why would you create some more modules just to put your tests? I know it is a standard maven solution but it doesn’t sound really great since IMO one artifact should mean something for the application (that’s purely personal and i understand choices can be different).

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Arquillian and existing TomEE

Sometimes you don’t want to start/stop TomEE from Arquillian but you want either to do it manually or from maven. This post is about this use case and how TomEE adapters answer to it.

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Execute sql statements at application startup with OpenEJB and TomEE

Provisioning its database at application startup is common but how to do it with OpenEJB and TomEE?

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TomEE Runner?

Just hacked a bit on the great work Jonathan Gallimore started about tomee-embedded uber jar. The idea was to create a runnable jar.

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TomEE on is a java hosting solution. A very interesting point is it proposes TomEE as container out of the box.

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