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CukeSpace or BDD, Arquillian and Java 8

Cucumber supports since few days a Java 8 API.

If you didn’t see it yet here what it looks like (taken from cucumber-java8 tests):

import cucumber.api.Scenario;
import cucumber.api.java8.En;

import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;
import static org.junit.Assert.assertNotSame;

public class LambdaStepdefs implements En {
    private static LambdaStepdefs lastInstance;

    public LambdaStepdefs() {
        Before((Scenario scenario) -> {
            assertNotSame(this, lastInstance);
            lastInstance = this;

        Given("I have (\\d+) cukes in my (.*)", (Integer cukes, String what) -> {
            assertEquals(42, cukes.intValue());
            assertEquals("belly", what);

This is great but does it work with Arquillian?

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Cucumber and Arquillian

Cucumber is a nice framework coming from ruby world to do Behavior Driven Development (BDD). It got some nice extensions for others language in cucumber-jvm project.

However it was not integrated with Arquillian so you still had to do all the integration logic yourself.

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OpenEJB and some BDD

BDD is a fine way to test its code. Personally i like the way it allows to link code expert with domain experts. Here i’ll try to show how to do it with OpenEJB using two interesting BDD frameworks.

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