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Arquillian OpenEJB: deploy and forget archives

Arquillian is great but when testing always on the same app, in a single thread in embedded mode it is a pain to deploy the app for each class.

You can create your own extension as shown by Aslask (https://gist.github.com/3975179) but you need to code it.

If you need the arquillian features that’s probably the best way to go but if you just want to deploy the app OpenEJB has a hack too (probably easier).

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OpenEJB ApplicationComposer and WebServices (SOAP/REST)

A quick tip to show you ApplicationComposer of OpenEJB can be used to test WebServices too.

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Testing a JavaEE Application with OpenEJB and TomEE

Testing your application in your build is mandatory today. Not doing it simply means you don’t know what you’ll provide. That’s why libraries like arquillian¬†are born. However openejb¬†always thought of it and the goal of this post is to share different ways to test an application with OpenEJB and TomEE.

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