Monthly Archives: October 2013

Write a custom plugin for Sirona GUI

Apache Sirona is a brand new project in Apache Software foundation world. It targets Java applications monitoring. One awesome feature of this library is the fact the reporting GUI is easily extensible and you don’t need to write tons of code/pages to add your info in this GUI.

Here is a sample simply reporting the JVM system properties.

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[Quick Tip] Disable TomEE/OpenEJB stat interceptor

TomEE and OpenEJB add by default an interceptor on each EJB to report basic metrics through JMX.

If you don’t want it you can disable it easily.

You basically just need to add the system property (in conf/ to keep it persistent):

openejb.stats.interceptor.disable = true

CXF schema validation with TomEE

One of important updates for TomEE done recently (last releases) was to allow the user to configure CXF endpoints (ang get access to advanced configuration/features of CXF). One of them is the schema (xsd) validation of INPUT/OUTPUT messages.

This post will only deal with it but the way to activate it is the same for all properties of the JAXWS CXF endpoint.

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JBatch and Camel

JBatch (aka JSR 352) is the new standard to write Java and JavaEE batches. It is mainly based on reader/processor/writer and batchlet (task) concepts. This is not that far from camel which is based on consumers and processors.

So how can both work together?

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