Monthly Archives: February 2013

Cucumber and Arquillian

Cucumber is a nice framework coming from ruby world to do Behavior Driven Development (BDD). It got some nice extensions for others language in cucumber-jvm project.

However it was not integrated with Arquillian so you still had to do all the integration logic yourself.

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Akka and CDI: it runs in TomEE!

Akka is a very interesting solution for highly scalable systems but it misses some few things to be usable for big and enterprise applications. One of them is the IoC. For some more advanced applications it can be transactions…

We sometimes see some spring integration but now that JavaEE proposes a real IoC container it worth looking at how it can work.

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TomEE on JBoss Forge

JBoss forge is an initiative from RedHat to propose a developer shell. It is (of course) JavaEE 6 oriented (even if some extensions can go further).

Even if JBoss + JavaEE 6 always sounds “JBoss AS”, it is not directly linked to any container and Glassfish is a proposed alternative. What is interesting is you can now use TomEE directly too.

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Efficient SQL Insert with MySQL and OpenJPA

Some applications need a high INSERT throughput. I got this issue and found an interesting way to enhance without effort this parameter using OpenJPA (can be adapted with other providers) and MySQL (not sure about other databases).

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