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Customize your TomEE instance with javascript and maven

TomEE Maven plugin got recently a new feature allowing to use javascript (or groovy) to customize the TomEE instance you build using tomee:build goal.

Let’s see why and how to use this feature…

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TomEE exec Maven plugin: modify the runner JVM!

TomEE Maven plugin allows to create an all in one executable jar. If you never heard about it, it is different from TomEE Embedded Maven Plugin in the way it creates an actual TomEE and runs it instead of making it embedded – it forks a JVM if you prefer.

The plugin is pretty configurable but if you need some dynamic configuration it can be quite hard. Instead of proposing an advanced configuration for this purpose the plugin now supports a way to execute code before/after the TomEE execution (of course before is the most impacting place :)).

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PDF Helper Maven Plugin

A quick blog post to say I released today the first version (0.1) of pdf-helper-maven-plugin. It hit central pretty recently.

It is a small plugin allowing to concatenate PDFs using Maven.

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