TomEE Runner?

Just hacked a bit on the great work Jonathan Gallimore started about tomee-embedded uber jar. The idea was to create a runnable jar.

Each parameters were an application to deploy.

My hack gave simply some more configuration:

  • –port <http port>
  • — shutdown <shutdown port>
  • –directory <tomee directory> (note: will be deleted after the run)
  • — path <application>

A common usage will be:

java -jar tomee-embedded-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT-uber.jar --path my-application.war

If TomEE webprofile is not enough for you you can go back to a configurable classpath based on the uber jar (or not if you are motivated) and you can add tomee-jars/tomee-webservices etc dependencies to be able to run a JAXRS/JAXWS application. The main class to specify is “org.apache.tomee.embedded.Main”.


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