Monthly Archives: July 2012

TomEE and OpenEJB JPA deploy time enhancement

TomEE and OpenEJB got recently some deploy time enhancement features.

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OpenEJB, TomEE and log framework

OpenEJB and TomEE allows you to switch logging framework pretty easily if you prefer log4j, slf4J or any other library for that purpose.

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TomEE and OpenEJB server events

TomEE and OpenEJB got recently some server side events. It allows us to get some information about the container lifecycle, something you can’t get from standard APIs.
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TomEE Arquillian cache tip

TomEE Remote adapter is able to download TomEE, that’s pretty fine but by default it caches the downloaded artifact in target/ so if you run mvn clean it will download it again.

To avoid it you have two solutions:

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OpenEJB and some BDD

BDD is a fine way to test its code. Personally i like the way it allows to link code expert with domain experts. Here i’ll try to show how to do it with OpenEJB using two interesting BDD frameworks.

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Hibernate & TomEE

Switching of JPA provider in a JEE container is a common question. This article gives some hints on the way to use Hibernate with TomEE.

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