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JSON and WebSocket: Johnzon to the rescue

When writing a WebSocket endpoint the first thing you do is to create the endpoint (connection point) then you have to define the protocol to use. Because of what is modern IT world it is quite common to use JSon as payload format for WebSocket messages. Of course you can use any JSon mapper you want or JSON-P directly but you can actually go a bit further and that is what does Johnzon in its coming 0.8-incubating release.

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Did you notice last TomEE includes JSR 356 (WebSocket) in the box?

Since Tomcat now packages JSR 356 (little name of websocket 1.0 specification) TomEE inherited of it in its last release.

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TomEE or how to use Websocket with CDI

Websocket is a new very interesting feature. The idea is to allow a bidirectional communication between the browser and the “other side” (let say for this article the server).

How does it work? Can it work with CDI? What about TomEE?

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