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Servlet FORM based login

Servlet API supports FORM login by specification.

Activating it is pretty easy and few lines in your web.xml is enough.

To use a form, just configure a login-config using the provided FORM auth method:

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TomEE: LazyValve or how to provide a Valve in a war

Tomcat Valve mecanism is a way to have a kind of servlet filter but before the servlet chain. In two words it is commonly used for container and security usages/needs.

Main issue is the common way to add a valve is to configure it in server.xml or context.xml. Even if this last one can be packaged in a war, the valve itself can’t since this file is used before the webapp classloader is setup to build the webapp setup/context.

To solve it TomEE now provides a LazyValve implementation.

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War-overlay TomEE to deploy your EE application in Tomcat

Regularly we see TomEE users wanting to deploy their app in Tomcat. Most of the time it is because they can’t select the container (company policy, cloud…).

Until now it needed some advanced knowledge, now it is easier :).

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Executable jar with TomEE and Tomcat Maven Plugin

Tomcat Maven plugin has a goal to allow you to create an executable jar: http://tomcat.apache.org/maven-plugin-2.0/tomcat7-maven-plugin/exec-war-mojo.html

It is nice but integrated with Tomcat so if you do JavaEE it doesn’t work…excepted if you use TomEE.

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