Monthly Archives: May 2014

EJBContainer, OpenEJB and single start/stop by (test) JVM

When testing a EE application you regularly rely on EJBContainer.

One issue is its lifecycle handling. Most of implementations map it (and that’s really correct) to the test lifecycle. In summary it looks like:

public static void boot() {
    container = EJBContainer.createEJBContainer();

public static void shutdown() {

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JCache: first overview

JCache is out since some months and we already have some implementations popping out (Hazelcast implemented the main part, Infinispan passes all TCKs, commons-jcs passes standalone TCKs – CDI implementation in progress, Spring just integrated it etc…).

This article is just here to present the basic API but some more will come with the features which can make it interesting compared to more simple APIs (like a Map).

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