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Cuke in Space!, close of a release

Cuke in Space!,  this project aiming to bring cucumber BDD framework to Arquillian. The goal is simple: keep the strength of the Behavior Driven Development adding to it the strength of  Arquillian (portable test writing between containers, deployment control, multi-containers tests…).

Since it is close to a release this post shows important new features you’ll get with it.

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Maven and Scala

Using SBT to compile a scala project is great but sometimes maven stays the best choice (because of CI tooling, because of company choices….).

Here how to setup a scala project (using scaltest!) with maven.

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ScalaEE with OpenEJB?

Scala is one of the most buzzing language based on the JVM nowadays.

Scala is finally compiled into java bytecode so we should be able to use JEE in a scala program, no?

Here a simple sample prooving it works!

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