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Add missing functions to HtmlUnit: Vue.js case

Depending the application you work on HtmlUnit can miss few functions. If you open the javascript engine you will quickly see it is quite complex to extend from your code and can be annoying when sometimes it just misses few methods!

Let see with the case of Vue.js how to fix it very easily.

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Mix TomEE embedded and Angular 2 with Maven

Since months a typical web application is a JAX-RS for the server-side and a javascript on the client-side.

This powerful architecture can sometimes reveal some challenges in the build pipeline.

However today it is not that hard to mix both frontend and backend build tools to get a single build pipeline easily integrable in a continuous integration solution.

To illustrate that we’ll digg into how to create an Angular 2 application packaged with Maven.

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Apache TomEE Maven Plugin and web developement, easier reload

When developping a web application one boring task can be to redeploy an application for a css update.

There were some solution in tomee maven plugin (mainly synchronization based on timers) but this is not as smooth as it should be.

That’s why the plugin was enhanced for the coming 1.7.0.

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War-overlay TomEE to deploy your EE application in Tomcat

Regularly we see TomEE users wanting to deploy their app in Tomcat. Most of the time it is because they can’t select the container (company policy, cloud…).

Until now it needed some advanced knowledge, now it is easier :).

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TomEE or how to use Websocket with CDI

Websocket is a new very interesting feature. The idea is to allow a bidirectional communication between the browser and the “other side” (let say for this article the server).

How does it work? Can it work with CDI? What about TomEE?

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