Monthly Archives: August 2014

CDI and ApplicationComposer: finally easy to test deltaspike with AppComposer

OpenEJB/TomEE ApplicationComposer design is to describe a test application with an in memory model close to the xml EE one (Beans for beans.xml, EjbJar for ejb-jar.xml…).

But when it comes to CDI and since it was mainly designed for small apps it is hard to say “I have a CDI dependency/library”.

The more obvious use case is DeltaSpike!

To make it easier we added @Jars recently.

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TomEE and more advanced resource configuration

TomEE 2 got two new interesting features (in particular in enterprises) to configure resources: default placeholder values and properties-provider.

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TomEE, CDI and JAX-RS @Providers

TomEE trunk is now using CXF 3 as JAX-RS provider.

Providers were generally configured using openejb-jar.xml or just auto discovery (when using good defaults) but now in TomEE 2.x CDI and JAX-RS providers are linked.

It means you can @Inject inside your provider if the provider type is a CDI bean with @Default qualifier.