TomEE on is a java hosting solution. A very interesting point is it proposes TomEE as container out of the box.

Some weeks ago i tried it.

The interface is pretty simple: you simply access your TomEE server through FTP. That’s pretty cool since you can change the container itself. That’s not really an IAAS hosting since you don’t install everything but that’s not a PAAS too since you can manage the container. (IMO that’s the AAS ;)).

After playing a bit with the metawerx GUI which is simple to manage the instance but really enough i updated TomEE to the snapshot easily though FTP. To be able to interact with the container so easily is really cool.

Then i installed the ssh console, still easy and really nice.

I had the luck to get access to the coming dashboard of metawerx and it is really an interesting monitoring feature. You have basically access to Tomcat metrics (#sessions/s, #requests/s, GC time, CPU…).

Well, once i played enough with the hosting and the container i uploaded some applications…and nothing failed :).

After having some mail exchanges with Neale Rudd (metawerx manager) we realized it could be interesting to be able to use kind of placeholder to customize TomEE services (our case was the ssh port). This way i can simply use ${ssh.port} or ${ssh.ip} instead of the real values in and Metawerx (well the infrastructure part of the hosting ;)) can configure it. Such a feature is really interesting for cloud hosting (coming soon on metawerx).

Well i’m rather really happy of my tests and to see TomEE proposed on public hosting is really impressive.

I really would like to thank Neale Rudd for his help, his ideas and his quick answers.


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