Monthly Archives: May 2012

TomEE Maven Plugin

With last TomEE release OpenEJB/TomEE community released a maven plugin to ease the TomEE usage (inspired from Jetty one for instance). Here is its common usage.

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TomEE in IDEs

A small post with screenshots to show how to run a TomEE server in main IDEs (Intellij IDEA, Eclipse, Netbeans).

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Some tips for TomEE and JAXRS config

TomEE+ supports JAXRS but some configuration can look a bit hidden.

I’ll try in this post to give you some few hints.

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Getting TomEE snapshot

When asking for a feature (or a bug) on openejb/tomee mailing list it regurlarly ends with something like “fixed on trunk”. Then the user generally ask how to get the trunk binaries. So here a small post on how to get it if you don’t know.

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Get colors in TomEE console

Adding some color to a console output is always nice. Here how to do with TomEE.

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Some templating in TomEE

Having some templetized configuration file is a great feature for the cloud. Here how to deal with it using TomEE.

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Get JPQL queries from Criteria API with OpenEJB and TomEE

Criteria API added in JPA2 is a great enhancement for dynamic queries (or some other cases ;)) but sometimes it can be useful to see how it is translated by the JPA provider. You think it is complicated? Read more to see it can be easy.

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TomEE or how to use Websocket with CDI

Websocket is a new very interesting feature. The idea is to allow a bidirectional communication between the browser and the “other side” (let say for this article the server).

How does it work? Can it work with CDI? What about TomEE?

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Add your own commands to TomEE SSH console

We saw how to install TomEE SSH console and which commands were available…but do you know it is easy to add your own commands?

This article will help you creating the hello command ;).

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TomEE SSH connector commands

The previous article was about installing TomEE SSH connector. Let’s now see which commands are available by default in details.

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