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JAX-WS (+ WSS4J for the security) is a quite common solution used by enterprises but JAX-WS is quite slow by design (pipeline, xml serialization, depending on implementation a lot of reflection or bytecode generation in some cases…) and the question to compare it to a simpler protocol comes pretty quickly when you held both client and server sides.

This article aims to show how JAX-WS could be replaced by EJBd protocol on TomEE (>= 1.6.0 – currently in snapshot when writing these lines).

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OpenEJB Application Composer, new features: JAXRS, JAXWS, @Classes…

Go further in standalone webapp testing

It always has been possible to use OpenEJB to test small part of webapps in embedded mode but it needed to perfectly know all internals…mainly means nobody was doing it excepting for some particular advanced tests in OpenEJB itself.

But these days REST, JAXWS etc testing in standalone can be very interesting when working on an issue or simply to get very fast test executions.

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JAX-RS/JAX-WS configuration for TomEE 1.5.0

JAX-RS endpoint configuration was not possible (or not easy at all) in last TomEE release. The brand new one makes it possible.

It is important to be able to add custom providers, custom (cxf) interceptors or features…

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