TomEE in IDEs

A small post with screenshots to show how to run a TomEE server in main IDEs (Intellij IDEA, Eclipse, Netbeans).

This article only uses Tomcat connectors (since that’s the TomEE philosophy).


Once you got a web project simply go to WTP, add a new server, select a Tomcat 7 server, add your project to the server and run it.

Note: here the logs are red because WTP doesn’t use the in conf/ by default. Here is the tip to make it working as expected:

Intellij IDEA

The idea here is the same, add a new Tomcat server, set the catalina home and add your application (use war-exploded, otherwise TomEE will extract it itself ;)):


First go to services tab, add a new Tomcat server, configure the catalina home and a user with the manager-gui permission and then run your application, it will ask you for a server, select the created one and here we are :).


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