TomEE and ActiveMQ webconsole

ActiveMQ webconsole allows you to see broker information from a webapp. You can send and see messages for queues, topic…

However not sure it is due to a refactoring but last version doesn’t work well in TomEE. Looking further you realize there are some issues with activemq-webconsole packaging too (hope this will be fixed with next version).

However a simple workaround exists:

Simply edit conf/ and add inside:

# to use local broker inside tomee
# but other config exist for remote broker
# see activemq webconsole doc
webconsole.type = invm

# workaround for conflicts between activemq webapp and tomee
# Note: it will be part of TomEE 1.6.1 out of the box
openejb.classloader.forced-skip =
openejb.classloader.forced-load = org.apache.xbean.spring.

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