TomEE on JBoss Forge

JBoss forge is an initiative from RedHat to propose a developer shell. It is (of course) JavaEE 6 oriented (even if some extensions can go further).

Even if JBoss + JavaEE 6 always sounds “JBoss AS”, it is not directly linked to any container and Glassfish is a proposed alternative. What is interesting is you can now use TomEE directly too.

It is important to show that JavaEE 6 really goes to the portability even if each vendor keeps some specific features which still make them different but that’s no more linked to the strict JavaEE applications (i mean it is linked to the tooling, the “feeling” of the users, the support etc…).

So how to use TomEE?

That’s pretty simple in fact, start JBoss Forge:


Then install TomEE running the command:

forge install-plugin tomee


Now create a project (if not already the case) and add the tomee facet to this project. It can easily be done with the command:

tomee setup

Here we are :). Now to test your web application with TomEE simply run the awesome command:

tomee run

To stop tomee just use Ctrl+C:


Note: some other commands are mapped like “tomee debug”, “tomee start”, “tomee stop”…

Happy coding with TomEE!


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