Align TomEE and DeltaSpike ciphering configuration

When you develop an application relying on a container for its awesome features you often hit the fact you use several code bases to do the same thing. In the context of this post it will be the ciphering of the passwords in the configuration: TomEE does it using PasswordCipher API DeltaSpike does it using […]

DeltaSpike configuration: read where you want and decrypt passwords

DeltaSpike configuration: read where you want and decrypt passwords DeltaSpike configuration is a very elegant configuration solution for CDI. However to make it fitting your application you often need to integrate it: to read the configuration from the source/location you desire to use a custom algorithm to decrypt passwords or sensitive data Read your own […]

CDI and ApplicationComposer: finally easy to test deltaspike with AppComposer

OpenEJB/TomEE ApplicationComposer design is to describe a test application with an in memory model close to the xml EE one (Beans for beans.xml, EjbJar for ejb-jar.xml…). But when it comes to CDI and since it was mainly designed for small apps it is hard to say “I have a CDI dependency/library”. The more obvious use […]

A single TomEE ApplicationComposer instance for all your tests!

TomEE ApplicationComposer is a nice solution for embedded EE testing. The goal is to describe its application in Java and deploy this model. However it starts OpenEJB and deploys/undeploys the application either by class or method depending the setup. When this feature can be insane for small deployments which would benefit of an insanely easy […]

JavaEE + CanJS: uncap your dev!

Writing a website today often looks like writing a REST server to provide data to a rich client side application. JavaEE is a killing stack to quickly deploy a JAX-RS application and everybody is using angularjs for the client side. However there are several alternatives that worth a look. One of them I particularly like […]

Lambda-CDI in Alpha!

Lambda + CDI in Alpha! Lambda are nice new features of Java 8 and I’m sure we’re still missing a lot of their uses to get nicer API in all domains where Java can be used (i.e all domains ;)). However, it is often limited to JavaSE only. Typically, you can desire to get “injected” […]