OpenEJB 5 + Groovy = service done fast!

If you read the previous post I wrote about ApplicationComposers run method you surely wonder what a service could look like using groovy and @Grab to resolve maven dependencies?

Here is a quick post showing it:

import org.apache.openejb.testing.ApplicationComposers
import org.apache.openejb.testing.Classes
import org.apache.openejb.testing.EnableServices
import org.apache.openejb.testing.SimpleLog



class Hi {
    String hi() {

class Run {

And that’s it,just hit run and you get your service deployed!

Just a little note about groovy: depending the distribution/setup of groovy you use to run it you can maybe desire remove servlet-api which is in groovy binary 2.4 distribution in 2.x version (OpenEJB 5 uses 3.1).
Another note about dependencies: at the moment openejb/javaee-api dependencies are on apache snapshot repository, if you don’t have them locally you can desire to configure grape to resolve them correctly.

Have fun with Groovy and OpenEJB microservices!


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