TomEE Intellij Idea integration

Few versions ago TomEE was integrated to Intellij Idea. Here are some screenshots showing you how it looks like.

The first thing to keep in mind is even if Idea manages advanced deployment (ear) it is basically the Tomcat adapter which was copied (so some options can look weird when seen for the first time).

When you launch Idea (Ultimate) the first time don’t forget to select “Tomcat and TomEE”:

TomEE adapter

Then once Idea is started and you created/opened a project just create a new run configuration selecting TomEE server:

TomEE server

Once that’s done you can configure TomEE:

TomEE config Deployment under TomEE

And finally you can start it as any server simply clicking on the little green arrow:

Idea server list

It starts, logs are redirected in the Idea console (and the famous red button appeared ;):

TomEE start

Here we are, you have all is needed to develop with Apache TomEE under Intellij Idea :).

Have a good coding time!


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