TomEE Maven Archetype to start a new project?

The new TomEE release will bring a new Maven archetype to quickly start a new web project with TomEE.

Here are the maven needed info:

  • groupId: org.apache.openejb.maven
  • artifactId: tomee-webapp-archetype
  • version: 1.0.1

This is the first version and can still be improved but currently here what you’ll basically get:

  • pom.xml:
    • JavaEE API in scope provided
    • right Arquillian dependencies for either OpenEJB embedded or TomEE Remote commented + surefire plugin up to date to avoid issues with arquillian – that’s commented by default
    • tomee-maven-plugin
    • maven war plugin configured to not need web.xml
  • A sample servlet (@WebServlet)
  • An empty beans.xml to activate CDI by default

So currently it is pretty simple but once the project is created you can run:

mvn package tomee:run

and go to the url: http://localhost:8080/%5BartifactId%5D-%5Bversion%5D/index

The archetype will probably be a bit reworked to get some JPA, JSF features pretty soon.

If you think to some particular needs feel free to contribute either a patch or another artifact on TOMEE jira project.


2 thoughts on “TomEE Maven Archetype to start a new project?

    1. rmannibucau Post author

      Yes totally,

      added it since some users asked for tomee maven plugin quickstart sample but on trunk we just got a jsf crud archetype 🙂


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