Ping remote hosts from TomEE JMX console

When you write a JEE application it is common to need to interact with remote hosts (at least for your database).

Depending on network quality you can get poor performances and sometimes it is hard to check it (let say you don’t have a ssh access to the machine which is pretty common for cloud platforms).

Another use case is to valid you can contact the remote host (in complex environment with proxies for instance).

That’s why we added to TomEE a JMX ping!

The idea is obvious: go to JMX and ping any host you want.

Fo now it only manages JDBC datasource hosts (jdbc:mysql://foo/bar).

Let now see how to use it.

First go to -> Related Hosts item.


It lists all remote hosts as operation name + a ‘ping’ operation letting you select the host to ping. Operations where the name is a host are simply shortcuts to ping the named host (the idea is to avoid typo ;)).

Then when you click on the desired operation a popup appears and show you the ping time (or an error message if the ping failed):


Nothing fancy but it can be pretty useful in real life and avoids to need (SSH) access to the server machine.


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